Stroker Kit für Fiat 1.6Ltr 159A | Umbau auf 1.9l

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  • S-FIA-001ULT-060
Stroker Kit für  Fiat 1.6Ltr 159A    /    Turbo Use... mehr
Produktinformationen "Stroker Kit für Fiat 1.6Ltr 159A | Umbau auf 1.9l"

Stroker Kit für Fiat

1.6Ltr 159A    /    Turbo Use

Ritmo / Punto / Brava / Tempra

 Umbau auf 1.9l

Stroke:  79.00mm
Bore size:  87.00 mm
Com. Ratio:  8.8:1
Rod Lenght:  128.50 mm
Rod Type:  H-Beam
Crank Type:  Billet Light weight
Pistons P/N:   K9408D060
Rod P/N:  R-FIA-001H
Crank P/N:  C-FIT-001L



Note :  Athena Head Gasket MLS and ARP Studs available separately

Fiat 1.6L Stroker Kit 1.9L (Comp.Ratio 8,5:1)

The ZRP stroker kit for the Fiat 1.6L engine uses a 79.00 mm stroke, billet steel light weight crankshaft, manufactured from 4340 Precision Billet Steel. All ZRP Crankshafts are fully CNC machined and have received innovative and specialized manufacturing techniques such as Carbonitriding, Magnaflux and Shot-Peening to ensure top quality.
Depending on bore size that you decide, the ZRP stroker kit will take you up to a 1.9L with 87.00 mm bore. Stroker kit features custom Wossner forged pistons, 9310 alloy wrist pins and a set of ZRP billet or forged high tensile strength Steel Connecting Rods with their specifications available in the connecting rods site section.

The Stroker kit includes the following:
• ZRP 4340 billet Lightweight crankshaft
• ZRP 4340 forged steel H-Beam rods w/ARP2000 or L19 fasteners (with extra cost)
• Wossner high performance forged pistons (4032-T6 / 2618-T6)
• Diamond – like carbon (DLC) wrist pins.
• Stainless chrome/Ductile moly top rings, tapered second ring, 3-piece oil rings
• Piston clips
• Fully system balanced and ready to install

Great horsepower and torque gains.

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