Throttle body kit for Opel

Throttle body kit for Opel
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Throttle body kit for Opel Astra G 1,6 16V 74kW X16XEL power increase... more
Product information "Throttle body kit for Opel"

Throttle body kit for Opel

Astra G 1,6 16V 74kW X16XEL

power increase:  22 kW / 30 PS

All throttle body kits are pre-mounted and ready to be installed. The kit contains fitting instructions, throttle bodies, intake manifold, airbox, throttle control linkage and all necessary small parts.

After conversion an adjustment of the engine management is required. This isn´t including in price .
The price for this is 299,00 € ( Art. Nr. :???1 )

The specified performance enhancing refers to standard engines with throttle body kit and adjustment of the engine management.

• Simple assembly

• Emission regulations are maintained

• High quality aliminium components

• Sporty modern design

• The engine does not have to be opened

• Life span is not shortened

• Checked by the German TÜV

• System is ready for installation

The multi throttle body intake systems produced by our company is the successor of our double carburetor kits.
As is the case for the double carburetor kits the objective here is also the optimum artificial respiration of the engine.
For this reason, instead of the central throttle valve used for the sucking of all cylinders
in the conventional intake systems, this system only has one throttle valve for each cylinder.
In combination with one injection valve per cylinder, this system offers optimum filling of cylinders throughout the whole speed range of the engine.
Another advantage of the dbilas dynamic multi-throttle body intake systems is that it offers the possibility of using "sharper" camshafts without negative influence on the smoothness of running. Only this method allows aspirating engines to achieve high liter performance.
Due to the same suction pipe length and simultaneously the same data a better mixture of the fuel and
the asprated air is provided. Consequently the combustion is more efficient which results in an improvement of the fuel consumption in some operation areas.
A characteristic feature of our multi-throttle body intake systems is that not only the pollution classification of the vehicle is maintained but also the good running culture according to standard.
These characteristics remain unchanged, since all electronic sensors and actuators such as injection valves, air flow sensors or meters, throttle switches and idle control valves continue to be used in the systems.

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