Chiptuning Renault R25 Turbo V6 2,5 151 kW

Chiptuning Renault R25 Turbo V6 2,5 151 kW
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Chiptuning Renault R25 Turbo V6 2,5 151 kW  Leistungssteigerung: 22 kW /... mehr
Produktinformationen "Chiptuning Renault R25 Turbo V6 2,5 151 kW"

Chiptuning Renault

R25 Turbo V6

2,5 151 kW 

Leistungssteigerung: 22 kW / 30 PS / 60Nm

Explanation of chiptuning

The company dbilas dynamic has concerned its self especially with fuel preparation for the last 40 years.
Ever since the first vehicles with digital engine electronics came out on the market in 1986, we've concerned ourselves with it.
Our goal was, not just to change the engine electronics on the standard engine to increase performance, but also to adapt other tuning measures like camshafts, individual throttle injector systems etc.
This makes it possible for us to adapt the electronics of vehicles, which have been modified (for example turbo chargers), which goes beyond regular chip tuning.

If the vehicle is standard, a chip can be installed without problems.
Tuning on the test rig is advisable, if for example, the camshafts have been changed or the cylinder head has been worked on.
The advantage of tuning on the test rig is, that the air/fuel mixture and ignition are adjusted 100% to the change.
Also, a performance diagram is drawn up and the torque can be determined.

It is also possible to provide chips for vehicles which have been tuned up with our parts, for example individual throttle injector systems, camshafts and machined cylinder heads.
The production of further chips is no problem, because we coordinate the vehicles on different tuning levels.

All finished chips can be inserted into the control unit by hand if they are Eproms (chips), which are not soldered to the control unit.
If the chip is soldered to the control unit, or it is a Flashprom, the device needs to be sent to us.
We will carry out the assembly for a minimum extra charge. That way, we can be sure that the device is not damaged.
Please always state the control unit- and standard chip number, if the device is not sent to us.
If you already have a chip, a fine tuning can be accomplished on your vehicle to a surcharge.
Surcharge ask we you with us to inquire.

All devices can be transferred back to their original state if necessary.
The price for this is low, and can be asked for in isolated cases.

We hope to have informed you well on the quality of our "chip tuning".
For further questions, please call us!

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